Order Progress Bar:

Step- 1:You email your requirements and specifications to us
Step- 2:We respond to you within 24 hours.
Step- 3:We confirm our quality inspection services in China according to the decided terms and conditions.
Step- 4:You book the service by prepaying for the first inspection.
Step- 5:We schedule the quality control inspection for you in 48 hours.
Step- 6:We conduct the on-site inspections of random samples as per schedule.
Step- 7:We email you the detailed report within 24 hours of the inspection.
Step- 8: customer service based on customers’ questions


Our inspection covers most exports, including softlines, hardlines, consumer goods and electrics.

Each inspection order,Please provide us with below details by email:

1)Contact detail of manufacturer

2)Date of Inspection

3)Product name and quantity

4)Product detail and inspection requirement,such as Product pictures,Material,Measurement,Logo detail,Function and packing requirement etc.

Our inspector will arrive at factory in China within 48 hours and then issue the report to you by email within 24 hours.


1)You can send us an original sample to our address before inspection.

2)Please email us if you will pay us by TT.

We suggest 2-5 working days before inspections/audits.

Yes, our services are subjected to your requirements, such as using specific AQL standards, or performing the things you specify.

We can conduct inspection services during holidays and festivals, with no extra expense.

It depends on client’s decision. For us, it is better if there is a reference sample for inspection. The sample is supposed to reach our office 3 days before the inspection. Or you may choose to leave your sealed approval samples in the factory.

Any sample you send us must clear customs. Some items that may not pass customs include:

All powders
All liquids
Magnetic products
Gas and oil products

Accurate description of all defects and inconsistencies, statistic analysis based on the highly recognized AQL standard and plentiful spot pictures for illustration.

Please don’t hesitate to email us for further details.

Clients make the final decision. Benstar inspects the shipment according to AQL guidelines and all customers’ requirements, send the results to clients for reference to decide.

100% prepay

If your monthly order quantity is more than 15 orders, we accept monthly statement.

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